The valuation you deserve
No one on your management team can tell you what only an experienced investor knows. We show you what impacts investor decisions, your stock price, and company value.
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Investor Insights
Bring investor insights into your boardroom
When investors don’t understand your company, your stock price won’t reflect its true value and you’ll find that they focus on the wrong things.

Resurge helps you bridge the gap in your investor communication, so you can get the valuation you deserve.
You spend all day, every day focused on your company. Your biggest investors spend less than 2 hours a quarter on your stock.

Get ready to make a lot of changes and tell your story the right way.
Uncover Your Blindspots
Strategy Analysis
We are former investors and understand how investors view your company.

We know how investors think and act, so we can look at your strategic plans and help you make the changes that will matter to Wall Street. 
Earnings Preparation
We help shape your dialogue and set the tone so investors can properly understand your results.

We’ve listened to thousands of earnings calls and know how investors “hang” on every word you say.
Competitive Analysis
Astute investors speak with competitors, former employees, industry analysts, and customers to develop their investment thesis.

We do this very same investigative research for you so you can prepare accordingly and have the competitive intelligence investors have.
Messaging and Positioning
We help you tell your story in a way that investors and analysts can digest to give you proper credit for your business trajectory.

Resurge is the only investor relations agency with more than 20 years of investing experience.
Perception Studies
Sell and buy-side analysts are disincentivized to be brutally honest which can damage relationships.

We know many of these investors personally. We can get them to share the real feedback that can make a difference to your valuation.
Crisis Management
We have listened to companies in various stages of change for nearly two decades.

We use the best practices to provide you with the most helpful advice for retaining shareholder confidence.
CEO of $5 billion hardware company
Resurge showed us our blindspots and changed how we told the story.

What was most valuable for me was how Jason showed me how my and our CFO’s comments were interpreted by the Street. We’d been saying the same thing for so long, but nobody was listening and we weren’t getting credit for many of the things happening at the Company.

His insights into how investors think is something we can’t get anywhere else - and we looked around a lot of other providers.

CEO of $900 million software company
The insight was tremendous.

Our valuation was lagging that of our competitors and the Street wasn’t giving us the proper credit for all the great things that were happening at the company. I found this really frustrating until Resurge came in and showed me how my own behavior was a key driver of this.

Jason gave me honest and direct feedback and coached me how to change the way I describe the company and how I talk about our value.

Koray Okumus
CFO of $1.7 billion advertising tech company
I know some IROs get scared when they hear a consultant is coming in, but they should see Jason as their ally, not their enemy.

Jason was an invaluable addition to our boardroom discussions about all things ‘investor related’ - particularly when we had an activist investor “situation.”

He was instrumental in helping us in several areas… from understanding all the activist dynamics to shaping guidance and preparing us for difficult Q&A.

Koray Okumus
See our expertise specific to your role and challenges
Help investors give you proper credit for your work
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Stand out to investors

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