Straight talk from experienced investors
As former Wall Street investors, we understand that it’s not just about how a message is delivered by a company. It’s also about how that message is received by the investment community.
Misson & Vision
Shake up the status quo
Process-oriented activities dominate the investor relations consulting market. When the focus is more on process and efficiency rather than strategy and empathizing with investors, companies continue to make the same mistakes.

Our vision is to shake up the status quo by changing the strategic direction of the investor relations program.

We help public companies get a valuation that reflects their true value and outlook, both on an absolute basis and as compared to their peers.
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Investor Relations
Resurge Consulting
Investor Insights that shake up the status-quo
A better way to tell your story to investors
IR strategy analysis that uncovers your strengths and weaknesses
Strategic presentation coaching and preparation
Earnings call coaching and preparation strategy
The “best practices” for your earnings calls, investor materials, and analyst days
Investor Relations
Traditional Consulting
Performing process-oriented activities that maintain your communication
Maintaining the IR section of your website
Maintaining the current story that you tell to investors
Editing and sending press releases with your current story
Scheduling conference calls and editing earnings scripts for grammar
Monitoring the news for information on your competitors
Jason Gold
I started Resurge after an 18-year career as an analyst and portfolio manager at some of the most prominent investment firms on Wall Street. I saw a niche opportunity to help public companies better understand their institutional investors and bridge the misunderstanding gap.

My time on the Street has provided me with unique insights into how these funds operate and I deliver this to my clients. I also worked several years in-house as the SVP of Finance, Corporate Development, and Investor Relations, at a $5 billion software company, so I approach IR consulting with perspectives from both sides of the table.

The work we do at Resurge brings companies and shareholders closer together and yields better outcomes for all parties involved. CEOs and CFOs suddenly begin telling their companies’ stories in ways that investors can digest and analyze – driving out valuation discrepancies that exist from investor confusion. 
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Every situation is different and each requires a bespoke solution.  Yet when the common denominator is recrafting an equity story to institutional investors,

Resurge delivers actionable insight to drive better outcomes for its clients.
Jason Gold
CEO of $5 billion hardware company
Resurge showed us our blindspots and changed how we told the story.

What was most valuable for me was how Jason showed me how my and our CFO’s comments were interpreted by the Street. We’d been saying the same thing for so long, but nobody was listening and we weren’t getting credit for many of the things happening at the Company.

His insights into how investors think is something we can’t get anywhere else - and we looked around a lot of other providers.

CEO of $900 million software company
The insight was tremendous.

Our valuation was lagging that of our competitors and the Street wasn’t giving us the proper credit for all the great things that were happening at the company. I found this really frustrating until Resurge came in and showed me how my own behavior was a key driver of this.

Jason gave me honest and direct feedback and coached me how to change the way I describe the company and how I talk about our value.

Koray Okumus
CFO of $1.7 billion advertising tech company
I know some IROs get scared when they hear a consultant is coming in, but they should see Jason as their ally, not their enemy.

Jason was an invaluable addition to our boardroom discussions about all things ‘investor related’ - particularly when we had an activist investor “situation.”

He was instrumental in helping us in several areas… from understanding all the activist dynamics to shaping guidance and preparing us for difficult Q&A.

Koray Okumus

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