Make your company More analyzable
Get the valuation you deserve
Investors won’t credit your efforts properly when you don’t acknowledge mistakes or provide the right metrics.
Our Promise To CFOs
We help you choose the right KPIs to become more “analyzable” and then help set the guidance for those metrics to drive a beat-and-raise cadence. This potent combination will help you project confidence to investors and create shareholder value.

Although we immediately and seamlessly integrate into your team, making the necessary changes that allow investors to properly value you takes time.  This also requires a significant commitment of resources. What if after engaging with us you realize that the effort to unlock your true potential is too much?
We offer a 45-day cancellation clause that releases you from further commitment.
Abstract illustration of a transparent page and coins, representing financial success and wealth in Company Valuation
CFO Services
Earnings Preparation
We help shape your dialogue and set the tone so investors can properly understand your results.

We’ve listened to thousands of earnings calls and know how investors “hang” on every word you say.
CFO of $3.6 billion software company - Under NDA
I really like how Jason works with me and our IRO to ‘game out’ all the scenarios. Jason has been really helpful as we choose the proper KPIs to share with investors during our transition.
CFO Services
Roadshow Preparation
Roadshows often present opportunities to speak with investors. 

We provide actionable advice before your investor meetings and real-time guidance. This ensures your message is received in the manner you intend.
CFO of a $5 billion security company, Under NDA
As an experienced public company CFO, I knew that there were a lot of improvements we could make to our IR program but I needed some help “threading the needle” with our existing IR team and didn’t want them to feel like Jason was stepping on their toes.
Abstract illustration of statistics, representing the importance of data in business in Competitive Analysis
Abstract wave-like illustration with widgets and charts, showcasing Investor Insights
CFO Services
Analyst Relations Advisory
Not all of the publishing analysts that follow your stock are accurately following your guidance.

We help you manage these situations so that the consensus estimates will properly reflect your value.
CFO of a $1.2 billion company, Under NDA
A few of our investors referred us to Resurge. I was initially skeptical given their fees, they’re the highest in the industry, but I quickly learned that’s because they’re truly a unicorn - none of the other IR consulting firms hold a candle to what Resurge can do.
CFO Services
Guidance Setting
We sit with you and your IR team to look at the models and set a guidance strategy for the quarter and the full year.

One key to having a stock that properly reflects your company's true value is setting appropriate guidance that gives you the freedom to operate your business while also keeping investors satiated.
Abstract illustration of a handwritten scribble and blue circle in the background, representing the simplicity needed in your messaging and positioning to tell your true story to investors
Abstract illustration of an iceberg above and below the water and a blue circle in the background, representing perception studies of investor relationships
CFO Services
Perception Studies
Sell and buy-side analysts are disincentivized to be brutally honest which can damage relationships. 

We know many of these investors and publishing analysts personally. We can get them to share the real feedback that can make a difference to your valuation.
CFO Services
Investor Presentations
We help you develop presentations that capture investors’ attention.

We've sat in the investor seat for 20 years and have read thousands of investor presentations. We approach your business as an investor.
CFO of $1.9 billion software company - Under NDA
I loved working with Resurge because of how seamlessly Jason integrated into our process. He worked great with me and our IRO and was happy to go toe-to-toe with our CEO to help change and shape our messaging.
Abstract illustration of a transparent page with a checklist, representing the importance of organization and planning for conference presentations
Abstract illustration of a transparent page with a checklist, representing the importance of organization and planning in business in CFO Consulting
CFO Services
Analyst Days
We follow the best practices around crafting an analyst day. Our coaching prepares you for the most demanding sessions and toughest questions.
CFO of a $14 billion software company, Under NDA
After an investor referred Jason to us, we engaged him to help change the way we tell our story to the investment community. We were going through a very complicated business transformation and Resurge helped streamline our talk-track to the most important elements, gave us a new reporting format for our financials, and coached us on what would become very complex Q&A.
Abstract blue circle with transparent squares, symbolizing data and analysis in Perception Studies
The Resurge IR Blueprint

Stand out to investors

Download the Resurge IR Blueprint to begin reimagining your investor messaging and KPIs
The 3-keys to a strong performing stock
The 10 most important IR questions
The 1-3 scale to evaluate your IR efforts
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