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Strategy Analysis
We know how investors think and act, so we can look at your strategic plans and help you make the changes that will matter to Wall Street.

We are the best at this service because we give you these tangible deliverables:
Review your story and key performance indicator metrics
Analyze company results and conference presentatons from an investor perspective
Coach management on how to address issues
Provide best practices
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Earnings Preparation
We help shape your dialogue and set the tone so investors can properly understand your results.

We’ve listened to thousands of earnings calls and know how investors “hang” on every word you say.
Add clear and consistent metrics
Explain your model to investors
Write earnings call scripts
Simulate difficult meetings
Abstract illustration of statistics, representing the importance of data in business in Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Astute investors speak with competitors, former employees, industry analysts, and customers to develop their investment thesis. 

We do this very same investigative research for you so you can prepare accordingly and have the competitive intelligence investors have.
Perform investigative research
Abstract illustration of a handwritten scribble and blue circle in the background, representing creativity and innovation in business in Wall Street Experience in Messaging and Possitioning
Messaging & Positioning
We help you tell your story in a way that investors and analysts can easily digest to give you proper credit for your business trajectory.

Resurge is the only investor relations agency with more than 20 years of investing experience.
Distill your story into what matters to investors
Coach management on how to present this story
Script answers to investor questions
Abstract illustration of an iceberg above and below the water and a blue circle in the background, representing perception studies of investor relationships
Perception Studies
Sell and buy-side analysts are disincentivized to be brutally honest, which can damage relationships. We know many of these investors personally.

We can get them to share the real feedback that can make a difference to your valuation.
Get brutally honest feedback from your investors
Abstract illustration of financial statistics going down, representing crisis management consulting for investor relations
Crisis Management
We have listened to companies in various stages of change for nearly two decades.

We use the best practices to provide you with the most helpful advice for retaining shareholder confidence.
Help you to retain shareholder confidence
Abstract blue circle with transparent squares, symbolizing data and analysis in Perception Studies
The Resurge IR Blueprint

Stand out to investors

Download the Resurge IR Blueprint to begin reimagining your investor messaging and KPIs
The 3-keys to a strong performing stock
The 10 most important IR questions
The 1-3 scale to evaluate your IR efforts
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