Unity Investor is now Resurge!

March 14, 2023

We are thrilled to share that Unity Investor has now transformed into Resurge.

Our new brand better reflects our mission to help public companies get the valuation they deserve. 

With 20 years of Wall Street experience, we are the only investor relations agency that brings investor insights into your boardroom. When the Street doesn’t understand your story and doesn’t give you proper credit for what’s happening at your company, we can help you uncover your blindspots to change that. 

Shaking up the status quo

Resurge shifts the focus away from process-oriented activities and redirects it so you can change  the strategic direction of your IR program. 

Companies prioritizing process and efficiency over strategy and empathy with investors often find themselves repeating the same mistakes. And while it’s important to maintain the IR section of your website and publish press releases, we do things differently and only work with clients who are receptive to change. Resurge is all about being highly strategic, direct, and eager to fix things.

Focused on the outcome

We know that traditional approaches just don’t cut it anymore, especially when it comes to driving change and we are here to shake up the status quo. With our unique service, you will gain a better understanding of what impacts investor decisions, your stock price, and company value. 

Through our guidance, CEOs, CFOs, and IROs are able to convey their companies' stories in a way that is easily digestible for investors. 

We have been in business for six years and we have already achieved many impressive outcomes for our clients. The rebrand is the logical next step to elevate our company and position us as a serious competitor in the field. 

This is the beginning of an exciting new journey for us. 

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March 14, 2023